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facing feminism

With the ultimate goal of destigmatizing the word "feminist", this global and internationally recognized project invites participants to describe, in their own words, what "feminism" means to them.

Originally brought on as a content editor and event organizer, they managed both the hosting and the technological aspects of showcase exhibits throughout two Saint Paul Art Crawls. They soon took on the role of co-curator, with a focus on outreach, creative design and direction, as well as maintaining Facing Feminism's digital footprint. Things slowed during the pandemic, though, and today their sole domain is that of website management.

A writer and poet whose creative and personal professional work spans well over a decade, they were first published in an international magazine as a teen - the magazine blissfully unaware of their age at the time. Armed with hundreds of thousands of words of creative writing that will perhaps one day see the light of day, their current directive in life is to instead utilize their wordsmithing within the context of the causes they are most passionate about. Aka, lots and lots of Instagram captions.

Pendemic Journal

Interview by a Mental Health Nonprofit

InTheFray Magazine

Their ongoing project, Minneapolism, celebrates the scalable underpinnings of humanity around us (read: big buildings) and common spaces that bring us common joy. This project has been featured in:

Knot Magazine


Sencha Tea Bar

Mall of America

Saint Paul Art Crawl '19

Saint Paul Art Crawl '18

their mom's living room


They like designing things. Some have decided to entrust representations of their life's work to said designer. 'Nuff said.

Annette Marie Smith

Facing Feminism Project

Sterling Gémeaux (a shocker, I know!)

website design

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